The team includes 4 experienced acoustic engineer, supported by Klippel, Clio, Finemotor, Fine X-over, Fine DSP, LEAP, etc. we are capable of design and develop various acoustic solutions, such as  HIFI speaker, Monitor speaker, Home theater speaker, WiFi speaker, THX Subwoofer and loudspeaker system as Select 2, Ultra 2 to meet different customer needs.


We have 6 mechanical engineers who are skilled in 3D, 2D and graphic design software, familiar with features, advantages and disadvantages of different raw material, framework, tooling, package, etc..To maximize customer satisfaction of individual requirements, we provide constructive suggestions to customers in accordance with required quality standard. 



3 software engineers and 6 hardware engineers are working in Electronic team. We design complete electronics products, such as subwoofer amplifiers solutions with ADI, ST, IR, TI IC chip covering 30W to 2000W; headphone amplifier, power amplifier, monitor amplifier, WiFi speaker full-range amplifier,DAC. We do modular design for our amplifier products, such as function control module (physical control, LCD display with touch screen, APP control), DSP module, MCU control module, class D amplifier module, power supply module. Such a design is conducive for more precisely and efficiently problem finding and solving.